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Spazm is a prop made by Morbid Enterprises, new for the 2005 Halloween season. You could commonly pick up this prop in locations like spirit. It might have been a small prop at the time but, after it’s been used for the creepy pasta “Russian sleep experiment” it gained traction. You could still buy this prop on some places online mostly on EBay.


The Spazm prop's appearance is based of a psychotic-looking man in a straitjacket, with a starving appearance due to his face being like a skeleton. His feet and hands are tied up. On the face of the man there is foam, which represents his madness. The man's face looks at his up-right in addition of his creepy smile, giving a chilling look.


Morbid Enterprises has made a few versions of the “Spazm” prop.

One version has Spazm's straitjacket made from actually cloth, rather than latex. The figure also appears skinnier in this version.

The Mini Spazm prop was introduced in 2016.

The Russian Sleep Experiment[]

Spazm's rise in popularity was due to the famous Creepypasta legend named ''The Russian Sleep Experiment''. The origin of the sudden popularity came from IReadCreepyPastas' first and most popular video on the legend: he used a darken version of a Spazm picture, on a bed and with little light, making many believing it was one of the victims of the experiment. Years later, someone linked an image of the Spazm prop, people finally see the legend was fake.